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Get Ready For Halloween with Colored Contacts!

If you’ve never worn contacts before you need to schedule a fitting! Make sure to plan ahead and come in advance.

CAUTION:  Do not be enticed by colored contacts sold over the counter or on the internet!  Contacts are NOT one size fits all!  Any contact lenses sold in the United States at novelty shops, beauty salons, Halloween stores, online, etc.  are not FDA approved and are ILLEGAL.

Please remember contacts are a medical device requiring and prescription and fitting by a medical professional.

Here’s Why You Need to Be Careful When Buying Contacts


The Quality of the Dye

The dye quality is so important. Contact lenses that are not FDA approved may have toxic dyes that can leak into the eye.


Very Little Oxygen Flow

This can lead to corneal abrasion, swelling, and potentially blinding infections that can leave you with lasting eye damage.


Poor Materials

Often these contacts are made from outdated material from the eighties!


We care about your eye health and don’t want you putting your vision at risk. Let us fit you in quality colored contact lenses so you can look AND feel great this Halloween.


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